Pin Spots Lighting

  • February 10, 2016

Pin Spots Lighting Services

Pin Spots Lighting Services

Pin spot light is a type of spot light that produces a narrow beam of light illuminating a very small part of a stage, used especially to focus attention on a detail. These lighting fixtures are fitted with an extremely tight beam angle lens and with direct light that does not bleed off to every direction. They are best to use in highlighting centerpieces and/or a single object.

Our team of professionally trained staff are experts on this type of lighting and can utilize every scene and transform them into awe-dropping moments. We will beautifully accent your table centers to enhance theses centerpieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers, 5 layers of cake, or head table, or whatever your centerpiece might be. Our latest collection of equipment can make it possible and will bring into your event an impressive lighting technique that will surely wow your guests and make your event extra special.

Once the main lights are dimmed you will be amazed at how our pin spots will make everything stand out!

Book us now and experience our pin spots lighting for a fun and memorable event.


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