Monogram Projection

  • February 10, 2016

Monogram Projection Services

Monogram Projection Services

Imagine your guests seeing your monogram or name in lights to see as they walk in for the first time. That will be a cool way to impress your guests, right? The monogram projection brings notable personalization to the room. This creates an attention-getting hot spot that is an instant signature of the event. A monogram light and design creates an elegant focal point in the room providing the perfect backdrop showing off all the beautiful work you’ve put into the cake, flowers and décor, and anything you’d like to be projected.

Monogram lighting is created using a “gobo” and a special gobo projector. A “gobo” is a small disc that is inserted into a special gobo projector. Once placed in the projector, the etched design (may it be a monogram or company logo) can be projected onto a wall or floor surface. This type of lighting is a great way to add a personalized touch to your wedding or event.

Turn your bland room into a warm, inviting, entertaining space a touch of custom class for any event with our Monogram Projection.

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