Lighting the Way to Your Event.

Lighting the Way to Your Event.

  • February 16, 2016

Light fixtures project washes of light adding color, warmth and depth complementing the colors you are using for your decor. Uplighting looks fantastic in photos and is a great base layer for transforming the event space.

Generally you need a light for every 10ft – 20ft of wall length depending on the overall look that you want to achieve. In the example to the right the spacing is every 10ft. Uplighting can come in any color of the rainbow for your event. Amber, blues, purples, teals, reds, yellows all look really nice for uplighting. Oddly enough colors like green can be unflattering when used exclusively and colors like black and brown can’t be achieved. Silvers can be done as whites, a texture light, or in conjunction with a pipe and drape.

You can do a solid color throughout the room, multiple colors or have the lights change for different points during the evening.

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